The future’s bright, the future’s golden

The future’s bright, in fact for Motherwell-based brewer Beehive Brae, the future’s golden. Not only has the ethical craft brewer’s signature Blonde Honey Beer been flying off the shelves in 67 Aldi stores across Scotland as part of the major multiple’s Summer Beer Festival; but it has also made the finals of two prestigious beer […]

Three Crowns, One Queen

One of West Sussex’ leading public houses is building a bigger buzz around its sustainability credentials by adopting a new beehive. The Three Crowns will work with local beekeeper Brett Adshead and the Plan Bee Ltd team to manage up to 60,000 honeybees in their renowned kitchen garden. Gavin Roy, General Manager of the Three […]

My Summer With Plan Bee (By Jack McHugh)

  Hello I am Jack McHugh and I am 16 years old and going into my last year of secondary school. Over the summer I worked for Plan Bee, part time and had a fantastic experience. I was given the opportunity to work at several festivals all over the UK, selling, meeting the public and […]

Bee Positive sweeps 3 awards at Young Enterprise Forth Valley Finals

Work with Plan Bee ensures legacy. Representing Stirling High School, a dedicated team comprising of 5th year students in a competition dominated by 6th year students swept 3 awards at the Young Enterprise Forth Valley Finals. The Bee Positive team commenced their campaign with the mission statement: To have a positive impact on our school […]

Plan Bee Wins Bronze at Mazer Cup International Mead Competition

Old World Inspiration for the Modern Palate Mead… the sacred drink of men and gods alike, brewed from honey believed to have descended from the Heavens as dew then gathered in by bees. Folklore tells us that Mead (honey wine) was thought to bestow health and strength, wit and poetry, virility and long life to […]

Join the team – Beekeepers

BEEKEEPERS – 6 MONTHS CONTRACT – UK Various Locations Plan Bee Ltd – sustainability champions dedicated to halting the decline in honeybee numbers. We are beekeepers for companies throughout the UK including well-known Brand names, small businesses and also private individuals. With our share of the honey, we produce our Origin™ range of honeys and […]

Mead in Scotland

Mead has played an important role in the belief system and mythology of people dating back into BC; now it plays an important role in the prosperity of the honeybee through our Beehive Brae Mead. Most commonly associated with Medieval times and traditions our Mead is certain to become a legend in its own right. […]

Black & Yellow Friday

This year we’re shunning Black Friday as part of what’s becoming a global phenomenon with like-minded companies such as REI in the US and their #OptOut campaign. Plan Bee is first and foremost a sustainability business, an eco-innovator and the driving force behind a movement to protect and preserve dwindling honeybee populations across Scotland, the […]

The Birds and the Bees

It’s a case of the birds and the bees as Surrey Veterinary practice Oak Barn Vets adopts a beehive from leading UK sustainability business, Plan Bee Ltd. The Guildford based Vets will welcome around 60,000 new visitors to the large grounds surrounding their 400-year-old barn location in the Surrey Hills. While the team at Oak […]

Environmental ambitions not just par for the course

This year’s Open Golf Championship at Royal Troon certainly created a buzz. Scotland has the highest number of golf courses per head of population in the world, and with such a stunning natural environment, who can blame Scots for wanting to get out and play the beautiful game. But with membership numbers falling, what are […]