Why Our Work is Important

Bees are incredible.  It is no wonder they have captivated writers, poets, scientists and philosophers for centuries.  As any beekeeper and they will tell you the myriad of reasons why, but here are some  things you may not already know.

Food – almost 75% of leading food crops depend on pollination.  Globally, there are more honey bees than any other type of pollinating creature, making them the worlds’s most important pollinator of  food crops.

One in every three mouthfuls consumed by humans is pollinated by bees.  If you enjoy apples, avocados, soybeans, asparagus, broccoli, celery, squash, sunflower oil, cucumbers, citrus fruit, peaches, kiwis, cherries, cranberries, melons, blueberries, and almost, then you have bees to thank.  Without them, many of these plants would die off leaving our fruit and vegetable aisles almost empty.

Wild Plants – almost 90% of all wild plants are pollinated by bees.  Bees pollinate many trees, such as poplars and willows, which would be unable to grow otherwise.  From majestic forests to rolling hillsides, bees keep our vital green spaces vibrant and flourishing.

Biodiversity – although honey bees are famous for their distinct hives, they are also responsible for creating the homes of millions of other insects and animals.  The bee’s role helps to create natural habitats from tropical rainforests to desert woodlands, creating homes for countless creatures.

Even your garden is a home and food source for thousands of lifeforms.  If bees disappeared, the animals that depend on all the plants they pollinate for survival would too.

Healthcare – there are many benefits to be gained from bee products.  Honey has been linked to improved heart health and antioxidant status, and is used to treat woulds.  Research shows that other bee products, including their venom, can help that many diseases, including arthritis, HIV and cancer.

Economy – in the UK alone, bees contribute a staggering £651 million to the economy.  One study found tat the global economic loss if bees disappeared would be USD5.7 billion per year.

And the rest – bees can also predict storms, help fight crime, get bodybuilder competition-ready, communicate through dance, navigate the Vikings, and solve maths problems.  Yes, seriously, they can!

Despite the enormous contribution bees make to humans dn the planet we live on, the honey bee population is in dancer and decreasing every year.  Overuse of pesticides is causing Colony Collapse Disorder, global warming is leading to huge winter losses, and destruction of wild flower habitats means that the bees need all the help they can get.

That’s why every Plan Bee hive supports the bees and helps grow their numbers.  

The more healthy hives, the better!