Urban Architects

The predicament

Being innovative in architecture is becoming increasingly more challenging. Architects not only has to battle to win aesthetic attention, they must also fuse that with environmentally friendly principles, such as ensconcing a geothermal system into the house, or installing a wind-turbine on the roof. Sadly, geothermal, as gallant as it is, fails to cut the mustard with winning important pitches anymore.

The opportunity

Well, we can help you steal that march on the competition. Plan Bee offers a chance for you to make the latest ecological statement: help save bees from their premature demise. Bees are the custodians of our agricultural economy and diversity of food.

‘If bees were to disappear off the face of the earth then the human race would only have four years of life left.’ So, here’s your chance to join in the noble bid to circumvent this dismal future.’

Albert Einstein

How Plan Bee could help

Our business is to situate and man as many hives across the country as possible. We ask people to ‘adopt’ the hives, for a modest annual fee, and share in the satisfaction of contributing to this environmental programme.

Your brainwave could be to incorporate space for beehives into your blueprints, either in the structure of the building or its landscaped grounds. This scheme could give you license to make foundational shifts in architectural attitudes.

It wouldn’t just have to be private property either. A beehive would look decidedly fetching on the brow of a public library or museum. By doing this, you’d be drawing attention to the bees’ ecological strife, but also to yourself as a conscientious architect.

It has prize potential.

If you are interested in Plan Bee, contact us.