Hotels and Restaurants

The opportunity

Whether you’re a hotelier/restaurateur in the city or the country, Plan Bee offers a great opportunity to enhance your green credentials.

By hiring or ‘adopting’ a hive or two, for a modest annual fee, and placing it either on the rooftop of your city restaurant or nestling it somewhere in the grounds of your country hotel, you will have an outward facing project to demonstrate to your customers your concern for both sustainability and the environment.

Ethical trade has become a key priority for customers. By taking advantage of Plan Bee’s services, your green tourism rating is likely to rise, bringing footfall with it.

Your establishment will receive 24 jars of honey per year per hive, which can be branded with your logo. These can either be displayed for use on the breakfast buffet or incorporated in your signature dishes, further emphasising your sustainable & environmental stance.

Having the hives may also facilitate a stronger engagement with your local area. Schools could visit the hives, and the reputation of the bees could encourage people in the community to take a new interest in your establishment, bringing new guests and diners.

How Plan Bee can help hotels and restaurants

Having bees on site sounds like it might involve a lot of maintenance. It will, but not for you. We will do all the legwork: situate the hives in the agreed locations and tend to them. You won’t have to train as a bee-keeper…unless you want to!

We can also offer bee-keeping lessons to your staff, guests and even suppliers.

If you are interested in Plan Bee for your Hotel or Restaurant, contact us.