Plan Bee for Business

Plan Bee offers companies a solution to enhance their Corporate Sustainability ambitions and values through the establishment and management of honeybee hives on their chosen location.

Plan Bee have helped businesses from a variety of sectors to make their organisation as environmentally friendly as possible. The hives allow businesses to display a clear commitment to sustainability and their local community, and provide a unique brand of “Return on Involvement” with increased customers and customer loyalty as a result of the positive exposure.

Plan Bee adds value to your company:

  • Demonstrates an active Corporate Social Sustainability policy
  • Reflects the company making a positive difference
  • Creates a tangible point of interest on-site
  • Supports the company’s commitment to the environment and local communities
  • Provides branded product for future sales, marketing or engagement
  • Plan Bee is fully managed so offers immediate impact, hassle-free
  • Plan Bee will support your marketing through branded hives, regular photography, videos and branded honey.

From our beehives, we produce premium grade bespoke honey from quintessential locations around Scotland. The important differentiator from our competitors is that our honey is cold extracted, minimally filtered and unpasteurized which is sustainable in its production and inherently proud of its origin. We also sell products of the hive including pollen, propolis and honeycomb.