Golf Courses

The challenge

Golf courses are often public ally perceived as ‘green deserts’ because they are treated with large amounts of chemicals, pesticides and use of machinery, which create a substantial carbon footprint.

An unbeatable solution

Promote biodiversity with Plan Bee:

  • Hire or ‘adopt’ one or more hives from Plan Bee for a low annual fee.
  • The scheme allows you to brand the hives and helps you meet your environmental responsibilities.
  • Arrange for the hives to be placed strategically in out of play areas on your course.
  • We’ll tend to them for as long as they’re with you.

Benefits to the club

  • Assisting pollination will improve the general balance of the environment. It will make the game more enjoyable for your members and their guests (part of the pleasure of golf is being in touch with the outdoors).
  • Hives can provide an alternative income scheme through sponsorship and sales of bespoke-labelled honey.
  • Plan Bee presents real opportunities for community involvement such as school visits to the hives and bee-keeping lessons for adults.
  • By producing benefits for the community, the club can increase its local standing and potential membership.
  • Plan Bee supports other positive environmental initiatives such as planting of wildflowers by bringing the vital insect pollinators directly to the site.
  • It also enhances sustainability through using the honey in the clubhouse kitchens.

If you are interested in Plan Bee for your Golf Course, contact us.