Watch your wallet grow

At the end of the week, what’s left in your wallet / purse? 

Ten pounds, twenty pounds? What will that get you today? Maybe a couple of coffees? A little bit of lunch? Maybe a couple of drinks at the end of the day with some colleagues?

What about investing that ten or twenty pounds that has survived to the end of the week and will either blend with your weekend cash, or dwindle away? What if that investment gave you a share of one of Scotland’s fastest growing sustainability businesses? What if that ten pounds grew into more, and more? And, what if that ten pounds helped you to play a small part in protecting the planet we all share?

Invest in Plan Bee - Traffic Jams - Crowdcube

It’s the very last chance to invest in Plan Bee Ltd’s crowdfunding project. The Crowdcube initiative will close at midnight (Friday 6th June, 2014).

“Our crowdfunding project has been a roller coaster. At one point it didn’t look like we would ever reach our target, but here we are nearly at the finish line, more than 162% funded. There’s still shares to snap up as we look to make the final few thousand pounds that will take us through the £100,000 barrier.”

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