Green People are Green Champions!

Green People, the most famous UK organic beauty brand, is a company that values and supports the planet as well as local communities. As a company who’s principles mean that product performance is never sacrificed for profit, it is important that their green credentials match up to their ethical practices. For a number of years, […]

A motivational speaker for the bees!

Monday evening we attended the home of motivational speaker Chris Moon to deliver one bespoke Plan Bee hive. Chris is, put simply, an incredible human being, after losing his lower right arm and leg in a landmine explosion he has used his skills as a previous army officer and humanitarian to motivate and inspire those around him. […]

Glencoe Wood now has beehives!

Over the weekend we delivered some brand new bee hives to the Highland Titles Nature Reserve in Glencoe Wood and wow what a treat! The ten bee colonies will have plenty of foraging ground and a wide variety of different flowers and heather to snack on. We are incredibly excited to share their progress with […]

When did bees last send you an invoice for pollination?

It’s the end of the month and you’re sitting down to pay your bills, electricity- paid, gas- paid, TV- paid but, have you ever thought about how much you owe the humble honey bee? Yes, these iconic insects not only enhance their surrounding environment but they also have an input into around a third of […]

How many of you know how honey is made?

While we all enjoy the tasty results of the honey bee’s hard work, how many of us actually know how honey is made? Well fear not because the wiz kids here at Plan Bee can explain all. First of all it’s important to understand that different bees have different jobs, there are the various worker […]

Honey Bees landing at Hamburg Airport

Hamburg Airport now has even more air traffic, in the form of its very own resident honey bees! The hives, managed on behalf of aviation giant Airbus, produce honey which is then used to measure emission levels around the airport grounds. The collected honey provides information regarding any chemical or metal deposits in the area […]

Mexican Bee-keepers win court battle against Monsanto

A group of Mexican bee-keepers have won their fight against bio-tech giant Monsanto. The company’s plans to plant over 625,000 acres of genetically modified soy-beans were thwarted by a Judge convinced by the arguments of thousands of Mayan farmers and bee-keepers backed up by the likes of Greenpeace and various ecological bodies. The decision, made […]

Two Fat Ladies Goes Green!

Two Fat Ladies has received a nomination in the Glasgow Business Awards 2014 for the ‘Green Champion’ category for their various efforts in becoming a more sustainable business, including their two bee hives on site managed by the Plan Bee Company. Since adopting two beehives from Plan Bee in 2013, Two Fat Ladies Group have […]

Buzz-iness Awards!

Buzz-iness Awards! Plan Bee Ltd have been nominated for the prestigious ‘Excellence in Communications’ and ‘Best Performing Business (1-10 people)’ categories in the Glasgow Business Awards 2014 at the Hilton Glasgow Hotel in October. “We can’t believe how well our business has been received by our peers. The Plan Bee message of proactive sustainability is really striking […]

Bee venom has been confirmed as a potential cure for cancer

Bee venom has been confirmed as a potential cure for cancer this week. The results of previous research by scientists around the world have shown bee, snake and scorpion venom to have remarkable effects on cancer cells but now research by the American Chemical Society has devised a way of introducing the powerful proteins found […]