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It couldn’t be easier to make a difference to the planet.

Each bee you adopt comes with its very own certificate of adoption. Every bee has an important job to do, so the certificate includes a little background on what role the bee you have chosen plays in the bee hive. Here’s some information to help you.

You can see an example of the certificates available here.

There are 3 types of bee:

  • The Queen Bee - the mother of the hive and the most important bee. There is only one Queen Bee in the hive and she will lay up to 2,000 eggs every single day to grow the colony
  • The Drone Bee - the male bee in the hive. The Drone is larger in size and his only job is to mate with the Queen Bee to populate the hive
  • The Worker Bee - these are all female bees but cannot reproduce. They do all the work in the hive, and they control most of what goes on inside. There are actually 8 different types of worker bee - Nurse, Guard, Undertaker, Queen Attendant, Builder, Housekeeper, Honey Maker, and Field. You can adopt a general Worker bee or choose your favourite worker bee from the menu.

You can name your bee and select from one of dozens of locations around the UK – then share your bee with friends via Facebook or Twitter. A choice of various certificate styles can be downloaded from My Account once your order is complete. Should you wish to buy the bees for someone else, you can simply download your certificate of choice and email it to them directly. Just be sure to put in their name when you are purchasing your Bee.

Best of all, every purchase goes towards a real beehive, helping the honeybee population recover and supporting honeybee related initiatives around the UK.

To get started, just click on the bee of your choice below, and let the fund bee-gin…..

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